Mistress Erika|Chicago Dominatrix

Mistress Erika Eastern European Royalty you might serve in Chicago.

I find great pleasure in taking control of you. I will undercover your desires, expose and exploit your weaknesses. I will take your power, seduce and maintain control of you at all times – and you will love it.

My Eastern European regal lineage, my divinely created body, and my beautiful accent will captivate you. I have the years of experience, the sense and the judgment to understand you and your needs. I will figure you out and plan the perfect strategy to bend you to my will as did the secret police from my country.

My style can be as cold and cruel as those secret agents or playful and sensual whatever style you need me to be I will always be mysterious. One look at my body and you will understand I am both the woman you could never approach and always the vision you want to drink in and be near.

See for yourself as I take your body and your mind. You need to see me. You want to see me.

You want to know if we have compatible interests…

Information about Mistress Erika
Birthday April 27

5' 10"

6' 2" in heels

Weight 125 lbs.
Measurements 34 24 34
Breasts Firm 34B
Shoe Size 8.5
Dress Size Small, Size 2
Panty Size Small